Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Training in Alaska

In the United States, an estimated 2,000 people are injured by arc flash accidents and arc blasts every year. Arc flash training in Alaska is critical for preventing injuries like severe burns, equipment damage, and even fatalities. Arc flashes are caused by electric faults that result in the release of energy through  light, heat, and pressure. Employees in close proximity to such an explosion are at risk for serious injury. The Jacman Group has years of experience helping organizations like yours in Alaska understand the risks of arc flash in the workplace and take steps to minimize their occurrence.

Arc Flash/NFPA 70E Training in Alaska

Employers must ensure that their workers have all the skills, knowledge, and understanding needed to prevent arc flash accidents. The Jacman Group’s Arc Flash/NFPA 70E Training in Alaska is here to help keep your workers safe. Our thorough, hands-on training programs are designed to give employees everything they need to reduce the risk of human error and stay protected when handling electrical systems.

Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Labeling Solutions in Alaska

Preventing arc flash accidents requires a clear understanding of where the risk areas lie and how to act in the event that you come into contact with one. The Jacman Group’s arc flash assessments and labeling solutions incorporate a variety of approaches to improve safety,  including modeling your electrical systems to gain a better understanding of the system. This helps us identify risk areas and take the necessary safety precautions to help reduce the risk of accidents.

Electrical Safety Services in Alaska

Companies in Alaska that work with The Jacman Group for electrical safety services find that our mock OSHA assessments more than adequately prepare them for the unexpected OSHA inspections all facilities are subject to. One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive is that our electrical safety audits uncover gaps that the organization would have otherwise overlooked. We point out everything OSHA could look for to ensure that companies pass inspections and meet compliance requirements with flying colors.

Why Choose The Jacman Group?

At The Jacman Group, you can count on our professionalism and expertise to keep your employees safe. After every audit and inspection we perform, we provide a comprehensive report with recommendations for mitigating potential future arc flash hazards.

To learn more about our arc flash training and electrical safety services in Alaska, contact us today!