Infrared Electrical Inspection

Infrared electrical inspections (IR) should occur at a minimum on a yearly basis to avoid injuries while improving uptime and lowering the incidence of unscheduled outages. These inspections are also considered vital for helping reduce overall maintenance costs and for promoting workplace safety.

About Infrared Electrical Inspection

Infrared electrical inspections are essential for promoting electrical safety in the workplace. These scans are designed to quickly identify problematic areas within electric systems so they can be solved and prevent accidents and injuries. The IR scan works by identifying overheated breakers, which is an indication that the breakers need to be replaced. 

Benefits of Infrared Electrical Inspection

There are a number of advantages that come from regularly conducting IR electric scans. Some of these include:

  • Identification of faulty components: Overheating is often the first sign of a faulty piece of equipment. Infrared electrical inspections detect overheating early to signal to workers that the parts need to be replaced as soon as possible. This could make all the difference in how well individual components operate, as well as the entire system.
  • Error recognition: Aside from faulty components, IR scans can also point out wiring errors, system overloads, loose connections, and faulty switchgear.
  • Downtime prevention: If a key piece of equipment stops working, your team may face downtime that could cost a significant amount of money. Using IR scans and cameras with thermal imaging may enable you to recognize faulty components before they malfunction and replace them in an effort to prevent downtime and save money.

Why Do You Need Infrared Scans for Your Electrical Systems?

Infrared scanning will help you detect faulty equipment, such as unbalanced loads, inductive heating, open circuits, overloads, and loose or deteriorated components or connections. The goal of infrared electrical inspections and scans is to recognize hot spots in advance so incidents can be mitigated before the entire system shuts down.

Another advantage of regularly performing IR scanning is that conducting the scans may help reduce insurance premiums. There are some insurance carriers that require annual IR scans so that they can find potential problems that can cause damage to your facility, equipment, or personnel. You’ll want to speak with your insurance provider to determine whether you can gain cost savings.

Why Choose The Jacman Group?

The infrared scans we perform incorporate the latest technology to detect the heat and radiation which is emitted from objects, transforming it into temperature and then displaying the results in real-time. The primary purpose of these scans is preventive and predictive maintenance. Anyone who works around electrical components or systems must be able to quickly identify dangerous situations before they escalate and result in arc blasts or arc flash.

Did you know that more than 20% of electrical failures within buildings are the result of faulty electrical connections? This is why a lot of insurance companies mandate that facilities perform equipment surveys at least once a year; The Jacman Group can help.

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