Arc Flash Training for Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors design, install, and maintain the electrical systems of different types of buildings across all types of industries. Electricians and electrical contractors work in all types of industries including education, energy, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, and so many others. It is the responsibility of an electrical contractor to stay up to date on all OSHA requirements and the every-changing safety protocols within the electrical industry. This includes undergoing arc flash training and electrical safety programs. The Jacman Group can help.

Understanding Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors work with wires, cables, switches, conductors, and various other electrical components to repair and install electrical systems. The duties of an electrical contractor vary greatly depending on the scope of the job. A commercial project could involve installing an entire electrical system (lighting, sound, etc.) for a large concert arena, or it could be setting up the electrical components needed to run the machinery in a manufacturing plant.

What is Arc Flash Training for Electrical Contractors?

Arc Flash Training/NFPA 70E courses are designed to protect employees (including electrical contractors) from the dangers associated with electrical hazards in the workplace. Electrical contractors will learn practical procedures including how to recognize dangerous situations before incidents occur. They will be able to determine safe approach distances to exposed electrical conductors and determine the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for any given situation.

Electrical contractors must be well-versed on how to handle arc flash and have a solid grasp on why an arc flash may occur, how it may occur, and how to prevent an arc flash from occurring.

Benefits of Arc Flash Training for Electrical Contractors

Safety is a critical component of all electrical construction; negligence or one wrong move could make all the difference in the wiring of infrastructure and the safety of the workers involved.
NFPA 70E/Arc Flash training is required for electrical contractors. These days, many facilities are requiring proof of training prior to even engaging in a bid. The Jacman Group provides certificates of proof and wallet size certification cards that electrical contractors can carry to show documentation when needed.

Electrical contractors turn to The Jacman Group for Arc Flash Training for their employees because they know we will provide a thorough, hands-on educational approach. Not only will students earn CEUs upon completion of our Arc Flash Training, but they will also walk away with the skills and knowledge necessary to protect themselves and their fellow employees in the workplace.

Why Should Electrical Contractors Work With The Jacman Group?

The Jacman Group has an Arc Flash Training course specifically designed for contractors. The first of its kind, this Arc Flash Training course for contractors can get your crew trained, certified, and back to work quickly and efficiently. Our hands-on, practical Arc-Flash Training meets OSHA requirements, covers the latest NFPA 70E, offers flexible scheduling, and is led by experienced subject matter experts, all of whom have 20+ years of field experience.

To learn more about how The Jacman Group can serve electrical contractors, contact us today!