Arc Flash Training for Facility Management

Facility managers play an important role in organizations of all sizes since they will manage institutional assets such as plants, equipment, buildings, lights and HVAC systems. This means they are also tasked with ensuring that employees do not become injured by electrical devices.

Understanding Facility Managers

The facility manager will function as the primary supervisor for every activity related to facility management. They must plan strategically and collaborate with various departments to meet specific goals. Routine daily tasks include cleaning, maintenance, operational continuity and strategies for eliminating waste while boosting efficiency and increasing safety.

Benefits of Arc Flash Training for Facility Managers

In many organizations, if an employee or contractor is injured by an arc flash or electrical hazard it is the facility manager who will be held responsible, especially if they didn’t provide adequate instruction. Arc flash training benefits these supervisors by:

  • Correcting system coordination while lowering incidence energy levels: When employees have received the proper training, they will be able to perform arc flash based assessment to ascertain the level of incidence energy exposure. Furthermore, they will be capable of reviewing the whole electric distribution system to ensure proper coordination. For instance, if a facility manager oversees a manufacturing center that makes a specific level of widgets every day, it is crucial that its electric system is dependable. If not, the plant might not have adequate power when needed, and if a worker is injured by an arc flash, this can disrupt production since the entire area will have to be shut down.
  • Mandating minimum PPE requirements for bodily protection: With proper arc flash training, facility managers can perform accurate risk assessment regarding the type of PPE equipment that employees should wear, such as long-sleeved shirts and trousers that are non-melting, safety glasses, gloves that are voltage rated, ear plugs and more. With quality arc flash training, you’ll always know what equipment is right for the job.

Arc Flash Training with The Jacman Group | Facility Managers

The Jacman Group has more than twenty years of experience teaching students of all backgrounds and skill levels how to identify and address arc flash hazards. We teach practical, real-world examples where students can receive hands-on instruction and get answers to any questions they have. Once the students have completed the course, they will be awarded certificates that remain valid for up to three years. Because technology continues to advance, ongoing training is highly recommended.

Why Should Facility Managers Work With The Jacman Group?

Facility managers must always ensure that their electrical equipment and buildings are operating at peak efficiency. But safety must always come first, because not only will electrical hazards disrupt your operation and manufacturing capacity, they can lead to serious injury and death that can result in costly litigation if it was discovered that your personnel didn’t receive the proper training. By working with our arc flash and electric shock experts, your employees will develop the crucial knowledge needed to keep themselves safe at all times.

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