Commercial Industry HVAC Arc Flash Training

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) is a term that references the various systems which are utilized to transport air between internal and external areas, including cooling and heating for commercial and residential structures. Because none of this is possible without electricity, HVAC technicians must not only understand the equipment itself but how to protect themselves from electric shock or arc flash.

Understanding HVAC Contractors

HVAC contractors are technicians that work with HVAC equipment. In addition to installing it, they know how to diagnose problems, open up the units and make repairs. Since HVAC systems come in multiple varieties, technicians may specialize in one or more units. During Installation, repair or maintenance, these professionals are directly exposed to potential electrical hazards and should be trained to prevent them.

Benefits of Arc Flash Training for HVAC Contractors

Protection against injury and death is the main purpose of arc flash training, but it can also benefit HVAC technicians by:

  • Identifying improper connections: Electricity cannot flow properly if the connections are inadequate. Arc flash training will teach students about thermographic inspections, and how to recognize connections that are poor or missing.
  • Identifying contamination: HVAC systems use ductwork that is susceptible to contamination from birds, rodents, lint, dust, packaging materials, chemicals, grease, and oil. They’ll learn how to safely remove these contaminants without damaging electrical components or injuring themselves in the process.
  • Recognizing and removing neglected components: Sometimes HVAC technicians will encounter scenarios where installed equipment is outdated and must be removed. Or, it hasn’t been maintained or damaged from things such as corrosion. Addressing these issues without sustaining electric shock is a core part of arc flash instruction.

Arc Flash Training with The Jacman Group | HVAC Contractors

Arc flashes are extremely dangerous and pose a threat to anyone that works with electrical equipment, including HVAC technicians. The temperatures can surpass thirty-five thousand degrees Fahrenheit within arc terminals. Improper or nonexistent training can lead to costly damage both to personnel and equipment. Our job is to help you do yours more safely. Additionally, by working with The Jacman Group you’ll lower the implementation cost for 70E using methods that are proven to minimize electrical hazards. Our courses are engaging, hands-on and compatible with the latest NFPA 70E regulations.

Why Should HVAC Contractors Work With The Jacman Group?

Creating a safe work environment will help avoid injuries while reducing worker’s compensation fees. You also have to consider the possible litigation that could arise should an arc flash or electrical shock occur during the installation or repair of your HVAC equipment that injures an employee or client. This is why the training we provide is so paramount.

We will teach you all about personalized protective equipment, and the proper tools and procedures that must be used when working around electric devices to prevent hazards. It isn’t enough just to understand HVAC installation, maintenance and repair, you must also know how to mitigate electrical danger, and this is precisely what we teach.

To learn more about how The Jacman Group can serve HVAC Contractors, contact us today!