Arc Flash Training for Manufacturing Industry

Electrical safety in the workplace is particularly relevant in manufacturing. Regardless of the type of manufacturing plant and the products being made, the manufacturing industry will always involve working with specific electrical equipment. This means all personnel must be adequately trained on arc flash training for manufacturing to promote safety in the workplace at all times. The Jacman Group can help.

Understanding the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry has numerous branches with millions of employees working in factories and mills worldwide. Manufacturing may involve putting together raw materials and compiling components for everything from food products and beverages to textiles to IT equipment to consumer product goods and so much more.

As per OSHA requirements, people working in manufacturing must be properly trained on workplace safety, and more specifically trained in arc flash/electrical safety. The Jacman Group’s Arc Flash Training programs are designed to deliver hands-on, practical educational methods to industrial workers in the manufacturing industry. Our instructors come equipped with real-word experience to give workers the tools they need to do their jobs safely.

Benefits of Arc Flash Training for the Manufacturing Industry

An arc flash, also known as a flashover, is a dangerous electrical accident that occurs when one electrical conductor connects to another electrical conductor mid-air. This unexpected incident can result in serious burns, injuries, and sometimes even fatalities to workers who are in the vicinity of the arc flash. Human error, excessive dust, corrosion, improperly maintained switches and circuit breakers, and a number of other causes may be to blame for an arc flash. The key to safety in the workplace with arc flash is to prevent them from happening and to know how to respond in the event that they occur. 

Workers who come into direct contact with electrical equipment in the manufacturing industry such as electrical assemblers, engineers, semiconductor processors, and electricians are most susceptible for exposure to an arc flash.

Arc Flash Training with The Jacman Group | Manufacturing

The Jacman Group not only meets OSHA requirements 1910.331 – 1910.335 for arc flash training for manufacturing, but we exceed them. Our goal is to train employees in manufacturing on how to protect themselves and their equipment so accidents are rare to nonexistent. Our arc flash training programs involve hands-on educational exercises and group activities that mimic real-world situations to help students better understand how to act in the event of an emergency and how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

We provide both on-site/in-person classes right in manufacturing facilities as well as live virtual/online remote classes. In addition to thoroughly covering all OSHA rules, codes of conduct, and safety operations, we will also work one-on-one with students to ensure that they have a comprehensive understanding of all material covered.

By the end of an electrical safety/arc flash training program with The Jacman Group, the employees in your manufacturing facility will have the knowledge and skills necessary to approach electrical safety in the workplace with confidence.

Why Manufacturing Plants Should Work With The Jacman Group

The Jacman Group specializes in electrical safety audits and arc flash safe work practices. Our specialists have decades of experience teaching workers how to stay safe while working with electrical equipment. We work with countless companies across various industries all across the country, giving us the experience and expertise needed to help keep you and the workers in your manufacturing facility safe. 

To learn more about how The Jacman Group provides arc flash training for the manufacturing industry, contact us today!