Arc Flash Training for Oil & Gas Engineering

Oil and gas is a major sector that plays a pivotal role in the national and international economy. At present, it remains the world’s main energy source and involves multiple systems and processes which are capital intensive, exceptionally complex and require cutting-edge technology. Electricity is closely associated with oil and gas production and those employed in this field must know how to safely work around it.

Understanding the Oil & Gas Industry

For well over a century, oil has been closely connected to natural gas. The advent of shale-based gas development in the U.S. has given this resource a greater role in national energy production, and it offers the benefit of reduced greenhouse emissions when compared with coal. The oil and gas sector is split into 3 parts, which are:

  • Upstream, or the process of searching for gas and oil fields and then exploiting them
  • Midstream, or the transport and storage of gas and oil
  • Downstream, which entails refining and then marketing

Electricity is used at each of the three stages, both to power the facilities needed to store or process the oil and gas as well as the equipment needed to transport it. This is why arc flash training is essential for anyone employed in this sector.

Benefits of Arc Flash Training for the Oil & Gas Industry

Arc flashes are a hazardous phenomenon that results from the production of heat and light via an arc fault, which is a form of electric discharge or explosion. The hazard can manifest itself due to a ground-to-air connection or voltage phase within an electrical unit. Because those employed in the oil and gas sector work in close proximity to electrical devices of all kinds, arc flash training and prevention are highly recommended. Aside from preventing injuries and fatalities, another benefit includes:

  • Greater asset and interruption protection: If an arc flash occurs, not only might it gravely injure nearby personnel, but it can damage equipment and assets to the extent that your operation might be disrupted, causing major downtime and the loss of millions of dollars. Furthermore, customers who depend on you for oil and gas could find themselves in a dire situation. By training your employees how to identify and prevent arc flash hazards, you can literally save millions of dollars in repairs, downtime and possible litigation.

Arc Flash Training with The Jacman Group | Oil & Gas Industry

Anyone that is employed in the oil and gas industry, including machine operators, HVAC technicians and engineers will benefit from the training that The Jacman Group provides. With more than twenty years of experience, we are the nation’s foremost experts in arc flash prevention.

Why Should Companies in the Oil & Gas Industry Work With The Jacman Group?

It is absolutely crucial for oil and gas companies to have electric distribution units that are dependable. Arc flash training is indispensable as it will cover electric distribution system analysis, which will identify deviations regarding operation and installation. You’ll be able to identify circuits or equipment that have elevated incidence or loss potential and address it accordingly. Circuit breakers and relays may also be analyzed to ensure they are accurate and reliable.

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