Arc Flash Training for Packaging Industry

The packaging industry involves bottling or wrapping merchandise to ensure it is protected from damage during storage and transport. It also ensures the contents remain marketable and safe while making it easier to identify and promote. Prior to the industrial age, most packaging was done by hand, but electricity makes mass packaging possible, though workers must practice electrical safety.

Understanding the Packaging Industry

In the packaging business, employees must operate machinery which is designed to prepare commodities or products for transport and storage. Given the fact that much of this machinery is electric, they must exercise care during the sealing, cushioning, marking, and wrapping which is needed to pack merchandise, otherwise they could injure themselves and others, especially when the packing machines need to be repaired or maintained.

Benefits of Arc Flash Training for the Packaging Industry

Arc flash consists of heat and light generated via an electrical arc that supplies enough energy to create considerable damage. Electric arcs often manifest negative increment resistance, making the electric resistance decrease while arc temperatures rise. Those employed in the packaging industry are at the greatest risk when the machines they handle malfunction or are subject to repairs and maintenance. Aside from injury protection, arc flash training will also benefit packaging personnel by:

  • Improving cable management: Since cables carry electricity, it is crucial for them to be properly maintained and organized. Arc flash training will teach students to recognize insufficient cable phase/runs, cables that are not within conduit, cables which are not within respective channels and trays, and cables that are too damaged, too long, too short or which have the potential to overload. They will also learn how to color-code and move cables that are in the wrong location and exposed to vibrations, water, or heat.
  • Identifying maintenance issues: Did you know that most packaging electric distribution units are not thoroughly inspected during routine maintenance? Once your employees have received arc flash instruction, they will be capable of recognizing and reporting unfavorable conditions, which will allow upper management to quickly respond and mitigate loss potential or scenarios which erode reliability.

Arc Flash Training with The Jacman Group | Packaging Industry

The Jacman Group has become the country’s foremost authority in arc flash and electrocution prevention, especially within the packaging sector. Our instructors have more than twenty years of experience and will teach you everything from approach boundaries to emergency procedures and hazardous energy control.

Why Should Companies in the Packaging Industry Work With The Jacman Group?

As long as packaging technology continues to advance and depends on electricity as a power source, adhering to best practices to prevent electric shock or arc flash damage is a necessity. This is why in addition to the standard training we provide, students are also expected to keep their certificates updated and are recommended to get retrained every three years at a minimum, that way they will remain abreast of the latest industry developments.

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