Basic Electricity Courses & Other Safety Services

Along with Arc Flash/Electrical Safety Training & Arc Flash Risk Assessments, we also provide Basic Electrical Courses, NEC Updates, Facility Audits, Program Development, and Custom Training to help companies work toward OSHA compliance with electrical safety and a safer workplace.

Basic Industrial Electricity Course

Practical, hands-on training class designed to give the student a basic foundation for understanding the construction and operation of electrical components and equipment found in an industrial facility. This course consists of hands on wiring and troubleshooting of various electrical control circuits.

Typical attendees include but are not limited to: multi-craft workers, shift supervisors, and electricians that need a refresher.

Electrical Safety Audit

Facility audits/inspections along with the review of your written safety programs will help your company identify gaps or oversights in your programs. Our safety audits frequently reveal items that the company would never have noticed until an actual OSHA inspection occurred or an employee was either seriously or fatally injured.

Our Electrical Safety Audit & Gap Analysis identifies the potential electrical hazards to better protect your employees, minimize the loss of life and equipment and assess compliance with OSHA and employer standards. This audit is an assessment of your facility based upon the NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

Program Development & Custom Training

We can develop and implement site-specific, functional programs for topics such as Arc Flash Safety/Electrical Safe Work Practices, Contractors Arc Flash Training, Industrial Workers, Electrical Safety Program, Lockout/Tagout Procedures, Probable Risk Analysis: Identifying Industrial Risks and more.


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"I think I forgot how dangerous my job really is and this class really hit home.    --DCP Midstream "

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