Worker lost life to electrocution in Calgary

Emergency crews were called to the Southcentre Mall around 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday for an incident near the north entrance. 

According to the Calvary CTV News, a man was killed after being electrocuted while working in an electrical room. EMS arrived to find the victim unresponsive, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

“We are saddened that an employee of a contractor was injured and subsequently died while working at our property,” a spokesperson for Southcentre Mall said in a statement to CTV.  

“Everyone who works at Southcentre is a part of a committed community and our staff are deeply impacted by what occurred. Our thoughts are with the individual’s family.”

OSHA is investigating the incident.

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OSHA News Release: Contractor cited after finding employer bypassed safety measures that led to worker’s fatal electrocution

OSHA News Release – Region 4

US Department of Labor cites Tavares contractor after finding employer willfully bypassed safety measures that led to worker’s fatal electrocution
United Signs & Signals Inc. failed to ensure electricity was secured

TAVARES, FL – In the early afternoon of March 2, 2021, a 44-year-old electrical technician at an Orlando work site climbed down into a trench to splice electrical wires to power streetlights. Not long after, the worker made contact with live wires and suffered fatal electrocution, a death the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigators deemed avoidable had the employer taken required safety measures.

OSHA’s investigation led the agency to cite United Signs & Signals Inc. – operating as US&S – with two willful violations for exposing workers to electrical-shock hazards by failing to de-energize or guard circuits and exposing workers to cave-in hazards by neglecting to ensure the use of protective measures to safeguard employees. OSHA also cited US&S with two serious violations for not ensuring workers had a safe means to exit excavations and allowing employees to work in a trench with accumulated water.

OSHA proposed $237,566 in penalties.

“A man is dead because of US&S’s willful indifference toward protecting its workers,” said OSHA Area Office Director Michelle Gonzalez in Jacksonville, Florida. “This terrible loss should remind employers that safety measures are never optional, and the consequences for ignoring them can be fatal.”

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OSHA ACCIDENT REPORT: Employee Contacts Energized Circuit and Is Electrocuted

OSHA ACCIDENT REPORT: Employee Contacts Energized Circuit and is Electrocuted

Accident: 118245.015 — Report ID: 0521700 — Event Date: 07/20/2019

Employee #1 and two coworkers, employed by an electrical services company, were installing wiring and Acuity Brands BLT/BLC LED Luminaire lights in a school classroom.
Employee #1, an electrician, was working from an 8-foot fiberglass ladder and checking an installed light that had shorted out. Coworker #1, the crew foreman, went to turn off the breaker that supplied power to the classroom. Before the power stopped transmitting to the room, Employee #1 made contact with an energized circuit, sustained an electrical shock, and fell from the ladder. Employee #1 was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead from electrocution.

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OSHA ACCIDENT REPORT: 23 Year Old Worker Dies From Electrical Shock

OSHA ACCIDENT REPORT: 23 Year Old worker Dies from Electrical Shock

Accident: 101947.015 – Employee Dies From Electrical Shock

At 10:52 a.m. on November 30, 2017, Employee #1 was working on an energized female electrical plug at the “load out” line near door 1N of Building A, which conveys potatoes from the storage bin into trucks for transport to the processing plant. The employee had its female plug end partially disassembled, exposing the terminals, near an energized 480 volt electrical cord that was the outgoing power for the Spudnik eliminator. Employee #1 was found unresponsive, but was revived onsite by EMS and transported to a nearby hospital, where he died later that day.

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OSHA ACCIDENT REPORT: 25 Year Old Worker Killed by Electrical Shock

25 year old Worker Killed by Electrical Shock

Accident: 99460.015 – Employee Is Killed By Electrical Shock

At 11:00 a.m. on September 27, 2017, Employee#1 and his coworkers were in the process of installing electrical wiring to a new dry storage unit. As they proceeded, the employees received an electrical shock. They tried to troubleshoot the problem to determine where it was, and determined that it was a grounding problem, but did not isolate it. Employee #1 continued working and received another electrical shock and was killed.

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