Utility Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Training

Utilities, especially public utilities, are organizations that are responsible for maintaining infrastructure. It is a type of public service and as such is subject to numerous regulations and controls often from governmental bodies. It is designed to provide essential services and goods like gas, electricity, water and communication systems.

Understanding Utility Workers

Utility workers perform various tasks, which range from cleaning to maintaining the corporate premises. They might also repair damaged equipment and inspect projects which have been completed. Because they often handle electric equipment and work near electrical lines, they must be aware of shock and arc flash hazards and know how to avoid them.

Benefits of Arc Flash Training for Utility Workers

Because utility workers routinely find themselves working close to electrical equipment, arc flash training will better help them avoid the dangers which are associated with it. Aside from this, other benefits they’ll gain include:

  • Updated one-line diagrams: Fluctuations within electrical power distribution units often won’t occur in an ongoing way. As a consequence, the changes might not always be documented. By receiving arc flash training, utility workers will learn how to use built-in, one-line diagrams for full power distribution units. This means that the documentation will always be updated which will drastically reduce the likelihood of accidents and mistakes.
  • Cost savings: Utility firms that provide their employees with arc flash training will save money on downtime, repair costs, and will be able to prep and then approve work orders faster along with repair briefings. You will also be able to identify trouble sources faster, whether they include short circuits, incidents or other things.
  • Superior device coordination: Optimal coordination for every protective device within the electrical power distribution unit will greatly minimize downtime. If the system isn’t coordinated, various areas will need to be shut off and the time needed to get every circuit back inside operating order will be very time-consuming. By getting the proper training, the system can be coordinated in a manner where only a circuit in which a failure occurred might trip, which means the maintenance team will be able to focus exclusively on it. Compare this to a total system trip, where extended delays will be needed to inspect every circuit until the damaged one is located.

Arc Flash Training with The Jacman Group | Utility Workers

Utility workers that are responsible for installing or maintaining electrical equipment, lighting, motors, fuses, overloads, HVAC, generators or fuses will benefit from the courses provided by The Jacman Group. We’ll teach you fundamental best practices, as well as the ability to identify electrocution, arc blast and arc flash hazards well in advance so you can take the proper steps to protect yourself.

Why Should Utility Workers Work With The Jacman Group?

The consequences of sustaining an arc flash injury cannot be overstated; utility workers can easily find themselves disabled or disfigured for life, and that is if they survive. With more than two decades of experience, there is no organization in the country that matches the rigorous training we provide. Students who complete our courses and apply the lessons we teach daily will keep themselves safe for the duration of their careers.

To learn more about how The Jacman Group can serve utility workers, contact us today!