Medium Voltage Training

Hands-on electrical training is widely considered the best method of instruction, and The Jacman Group has become an industry leader in Arc Flash Training and Electrical Safety classes.  By working with organizations of every size to deliver medium voltage training, we assist businesses in complying with NFPA 70E and OSHA regulations.

About Medium Voltage Training

Our medium voltage training course supplies electrical safety training for employees working with medium voltage systems. Based on the NFPA 70E, the course extends beyond just theory. Attendees will be equipped with a complete understanding of rules and regulations related to medium voltage systems, so that they can apply their newfound knowledge to real-world settings.

Benefits of Medium Voltage Training

Aside from increased safety and preventing electrical hazards, additional benefits that will be gained from manual training include:

  • Transferable knowledge: Understanding medium voltage wiring systems opens employees up to multiple career paths. You will be able to work with mobile substation equipment, industrial settings, with drills, shovels, haulers and more.
  • Dynamic working environment: Medium voltage technicians must be flexible and innovative, and ready to face daily and ever-evolving challenges. They also need to keep abreast with the latest regulations, technologies, procedures and local laws. Such a dynamic environment keeps the mind sharp and focused.
  • Creating a Safe Work Environment: Electric arcs have the potential to ignite a fire if the current involved is sufficiently high. Equipment that is overheating or conductors that are carrying too much current may potentially start fires. Extremely high energy arcs may harm machinery and send metal shards flying in all directions. In atmospheres that include explosive gases or vapors or flammable dusts, even low-energy arcs may create catastrophic explosions, leading to grave health repercussions. When workers are well-equipped with this knowledge of electrical risks, this helps to establish a safe work environment for everyone inside the premises, which possibly saves employees’ lives and avoid crippling lifelong injuries.
  • Avoid OSHA Fines: OSHA 1910.132(d) and 1910.335(a)(1)(i) require employers to examine the workplace, identify electrical and other risks, select and provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for their employees, inform them of any hazards, and teach qualified employees on how to use the PPE. OSHA 1910 Subpart “S” notably specifies that employers implement an electrical safety program that includes safe electrical design, safe electrical maintenance requirements, as well as safe work procedures for unique electrical equipment, in addition to safety-related work practices. Following a workplace incident, OSHA may ask for an inspection visit. In the event that there is a lack of personal protective equipment and live electrical equipment components are not properly de-energized or guarded, OSHA may fine your company for a “severe” violation of federal training rules. In addition to the damage already caused by the electrical hazard, your organization might suffer large financial losses as a consequence of this.

Which Training Outcomes Should You Expect?

Post-training, you will be equipped with a knowledge of safe work protocols and the ability to recognize dangerous scenarios. You will be able to understand the dangers of medium voltage arc flash and know how to properly equip yourself with PPE.

Why Choose The Jacman Group?

The Jacman Group offers a hybrid model of onsite and virtual classes, introducing students to realistic arc flash scenarios. Our classes are hands-on and comprehensive, so that students gain confidence in working in real-world scenarios. Students will also have the option to take updated or refresher courses with customized teaching. We also provide risk assessment for different sized facilities throughout the United States.

To learn more about our hands-on electrical training solutions, contact us today!