Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Training in Arizona

It is critical for those working with electrical equipment in Arizona to practice proper safety procedures at all times. Taking onsite courses or online from The Jacman Group can help prevent arc flash as well as the many other electrical hazards that can lead to serious accidents and injuries.

Arc Flash/NFPA 70E Training in Arizona

These courses are designed for individuals who work in manufacturing facilities and/or the electrical sector. Students will be taught valuable workplace procedures and practices and learn how to identify hazardous situations before disaster strikes. Examples of this include understanding the safest approach distances for exposed electrical conductors and which PPE should be worn at all times. The Jacman Group adheres to the latest NFPA 70E edition to ensure that we always follow best practices and provide our students with the most updated information.

Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Labeling Solutions in Arizona

Arc flash risk assessments are calculations conducted by engineers to ascertain thermal-based incident energy that determines boundaries for arc flashes. These assessments may help indicate which personal protective equipment is best used when approaching each boundary. The Jacman Group performs arc flash risk assessments for companies in Arizona. We’ll recommend ways to lower both the flash hazard and incidence energy category.

Both the NFPA 70E and the NEC® require equipment labeling so everyone in the vicinity is aware of possible arc flash dangers. Each panel must be marked using a warning label that has been ANSI approved. Furthermore, each label must include information to notify workers of boundaries for arc flash, voltage, and the proper protective equipment they should wear.

Electrical Safety Services in Arizona

Performing a facility inspection and audit with an evaluation of inscribed safety programs could help your organization uncover safety oversights. The electric safety audits we provide are designed to adequately prepare you for OSHA inspection and protect your employees against the dangers of electrical hazards that could result in injuries and/or fatalities. 

Why Choose The Jacman Group?

As the industry standard for arc flash training, electrical audits, and safety inspections, The Jacman Group prides ourselves on our thorough courses of conduct. We provide mock-style OSHA inspections, hands-on arc flash training, electrical safety courses, and so much more. All our assessments use the latest edition of NFPA 70E Standards to give your employees the skills and knowledge they need for maximum protection and safety.

To learn more about our arc flash training and electrical safety services in Arizona, contact us today!


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