Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Training in California

Companies looking for electrical safety courses in California require the expertise of The Jacman Group. Specializing in Arc Flash Training/ NFPA 70E electrical safety classes, The Jacman Group works with companies across various types of industries to ensure that workers fully understand the hazards of arc flash accidents and know how to keep themselves and their premises safe. Our instructors come with over twenty years of in-field experience, giving them the background and knowledge necessary to train your employees in arc flash and electrical safety in California. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs and get hands-on, practical training today!

Arc Flash/NFPA 70E Training in California

The Jacman Group is the leading provider of quality Arc Flash Training in California and throughout the U.S. Our hands-on approach provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to confidently enter the workplace and trust that they can maintain a safe environment. We cover areas such as new PPE categories, approach boundaries, and so much more.

We work with companies of all sizes and industries across the United States to establish compliance with OSHA and NFPA 70E, providing Arc Flash Training/NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Classes, Arc Flash Risk Assessments (One-lines, Engineering Studies, Labeling), and Electrical Safety Audits.

Arc Flash Risk Assessment and Labeling Solutions in California

In addition to our arc flash training and electrical safety training courses in California, The Jacman Group also performs arc flash risk assessments. We run OSHA-level mock audits to help better prepare you for actual OSHA inspections. Clients say that our audits helped them reveal gaps that they would have otherwise not noticed. This extra attention to detail not only reduces the risk of employee injuries but also ensures that your facility remains compliant with OSHA regulations.

Electrical Safety Services in California

The Jacman Group is here to ensure that your space is OSHA-compliant with regulations such as the NFPA 70E Electrical Safety among many others. 

Why Choose The Jacman Group?

The Jacman Group has the experience and expertise to make your workplace a safe environment. We offer practical suggestions on how to minimize electrical accidents and keep your operations running smoothly.

To learn more about our arc flash training and electrical safety services in California, contact us today!


"Great training, great instructor. The material relates to what I actually do on the floor. What I learned can save my life and other's life.  --Carlisle Companies "

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