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How Often Should Electrical Equipment Be Inspected?

OSHA Requirements for Electrical Equipment Inspection

Q: How often should electrical equipment be inspected?

That is determined by federal OSHA requirements for worker safety. Additional inspections may be required by local public safety, building, and fire regulations.

While OSHA doesn’t have a specific rule as to how often electrical equipment must be inspected, they do follow the Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace (NFPA 70E) and use that as their guide while inspecting workplace violations.

The National Electrical Code (NFPA 70), Guide on Electrical Inspections (NFPA 78), Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace (NFPA 70E), and National Electrical Safety Code (ANSI C2) all have specific electrical systems and equipment inspection procedures.

In addition to those procedures, OSHA also requires that all instruments, equipment, and associated leads, power cords, cables, probes, and connectors are visually inspected for external damage prior to each use.

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