Electrical Safe Work Practices Program

Having an electrical safe work practices program is an OSHA requirement to minimize the damages and injuries caused by electrical accidents. These are thorough programs that provide a plethora of benefits and are required by law in every state across the US.

About Our Electrical Safe Work Practices Program

An electrical safety program comprises a series of regulations and standards that ensures the safety of workers who operate electrical equipment. This type of program is required in facilities and companies that routinely work with sophisticated electrical equipment. In addition, electrical safety programs instruct workers on how to operate expensive electrical equipment and how to comply with the latest OSHA regulations to avoid damages and injuries.

Benefits of Our Electrical Safe Work Practices Program

An electrical safe work practices program is required by OSHA, but that is not the only reason to implement one in your workplace. Arguably the most important benefit of having an electrical safety practices program in place is to prevent serious accidents from occurring, which could result in life-threatening injuries. Electrical safety programs may illuminate the potential dangers involved in working with electrical equipment so employees are more aware of the risks and more careful in their operations.

A benefit of implementing an electrical safe work practices program with The Jacman Group is to keep your company up-to-date on the latest complex electrical equipment and devices. Having a better understanding of how to safely handle all the different types of electrical equipment within your facility may even boost productivity by encouraging employees to be more proactive and take initiative.

Organizing electrical safety practices programs with The Jacman Group is easy. All you need to do is reach out and let us know you are interested in setting up an electrical safe work program.

Electrical Safe Work Practices Program Reviews

Part of our electrical safe work program involves reviewing the practices you may already have in place. We do this to evaluate how well your electrical safety program is working and make recommendations for improvements. This means inspecting your current electrical equipment, conducting tests, taking photos, and taking measurements to ensure that your program is implemented properly.

Upon reviewing your electrical safe work program, our experts will then help you draft up new procedures and standards to ensure that your electrical safety programs are compliant with the new safety changes and electrical hazard standards. You don’t have to worry about the ever-changing policies as our specialists will keep your program up-to-date on a regular basis.

Why Choose The Jacman Group?

The Jacman Group has over 20 years of industry experience implementing electrical safe work practices programs in companies all across the United States. Our electrical safety services also include general safety inspections & audits, NFPA 70E Facility audit & Gap Analysis, basic electrical courses for non-electricians, and more. In addition to electrical safety, we are also known for being an industry leader in arc flash training. Turn to The Jacman Group to keep your facility safe and OSHA compliant.

To learn more about our electrical safe work practices program, contact us today!