Arc Flash Risk Assessment

 The Jacman Group provides a cost-effective, comprehensive arc flash risk assessment for facilities of all sizes and industries across the entire United States.

Our Arc Flash Risk Assessment process includes:

On-Site Data Collection: Our field experts collect all the necessary data from your electrical system.

Electrical System Modeling:  A digital model is created of your facility’s electrical distribution system and this model is used to complete the engineering analysis.

Engineering Analysis: Multiple safety engineering analyses are performed including Short Circuit Analysis, Protective Device Coordination Analysis, Protective Device Interrupt Rating Analysis, and the Incident Energy Analysis.

Report of Findings and Recommendations: The results are provided in both a printed and digital report, including any findings describing dangerous conditions within the facility and recommendations for mitigating these hazards.

Equipment Labeling: Customized, NFPA 70E-compliant arc flash safety labels are provided for each piece of electrical equipment.

Most companies do not have the expertise or do not wish to expend valuable resources required to interpret, assess and implement an electrical safety program- and that’s exactly where The Jacman Group comes in.  We provide assistance in helping to establish the required elements of an electrical Arc Flash Safety Program, including the facility Arc Flash Risk Assessment, Arc Flash-NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Training, & Electrical Safety Program.

 Arc Flash Risk Assessment/Hazard Analysis

The facility arc flash risk assessment is formerly known as the “arc flash hazard analysis” or sometimes referred to as an “arc flash study”.

  • What is an Arc Flash Risk Assessment?

    The arc flash risk assessment is the process that is undertaken to determine the level of hazard that exists at each electrical enclosure such as a control panel, panelboard, disconnect switch or switchgear.

    There are several steps/phases required to complete the assessment:

         Phase 1: Data Collection
         Phase 2: Electrical System Modeling
         Phase 3: Engineering Analysis
         Phase 4: Project Completion and Deliverables
         Phase 5: Post-Analysis Support

    The facility arc flash risk assessment is formerly known as the “arc flash hazard analysis” or sometimes referred to as an “arc flash study” or “incident energy analysis”.

  • What are the Update Requirements?

    The arc flash risk assessment is required to be updated when major modifications/renovations take place or at a minimum of every 5 years.

    NFPA 70E states, “An arc flash risk assessment shall be performed and shall…. Be updated when a major modification or renovation takes place. It shall be reviewed periodically, at intervals not to exceed 5 years, to account for changes in the electrical distribution system that could affect the results of the arc flash risk assessment.”


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