CBRE, Inc. – Arc Flash Class Testimonial

I want to first off say our class was a success and your instructor was excellent. All agree who went. We were entertained and instructed at the same time.

I have 32 plus years of this type of training and most of the time it is a boring slide show or power point presentation and there isn’t enough caffeine in the world to keep you awake and focused. Give him our best, please. 

CBRE Arc Flash Class

DCP Midstream – Arc Flash Class Testimonial

I think I forgot how dangerous my job really is and this class really hit home.


DCP Arc Flash Class

H.O. PENN – Arc Flash Class Testimonial

I actually enjoyed it and learned a lot. Tons of info, with a little humor thrown in made it a good class. Went by too fast.


General Dynamics

The instructor really knew his stuff! You could tell he’s been there and done that.  That made a huge difference and my guys loved it. —General Dynamics