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OSHA Fines Steel Company $364K for Repeated Safety Violations

A Texas steel company was fined for multiple repeated safety violations including employee injuries, and even amputation. In October of 2021, one worker was treated for a second degree burn on his hand. Another worker suffered an amputation months later in January of 2022, according to the report from the department’s Office of Safety and Health Administration.

Those are just two of the 10 worker safety incidents reported at the steel company in the last five years, the report stated.

OSHA fined the company a total of $364,000 and placed them into their Severe Violator Enforcement Program which is geared towards companies who repeatedly fail to correct safety violations. OSHA has given Vinton Steel until May 3, 2022 to correct 19 safety violations and pay their fine.

“Placement in OSHA’s Severe Violator Program is a designation given to employers that show disregard for employee safety and health,” said OSHA El Paso-area director Diego Alvarado Jr.

“The company needs to immediately evaluate its facility for safety and health hazards, implement safety procedures and train workers on how to follow those procedures.”


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