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Worker Dies of Electrocution on the Job

Modesto City Worker Dies of Electrocution While on the Job

An employee of the City of Medesto was electrocuted while on the job and city officials confirm the employee of six years has died.

It was a tragic work-related accident that took the life of Tyrone Hairston.

Candles and flowers have been placed near where Cal/OSHA says he was electrocuted while installing a street light.

In a statement to FOX40, the City of Modesto spokesman said Hairston was proud of his work as an electrician assistant and had a high work ethic. The city manager said in a statement:

“This incident is a tragic reminder of the hazards some of our employees face in the field, and underscores the criticality of our maintenance work.”

City of Modesto employees and his family are devastated. They say he was the kind of guy who helped anyone in need and greeted everyone with a smile.

Cal/OSHA says they are now investigating and add, “Cal/OSHA has six months to issue citations for any violations of workplace safety.” A spokesman said the cause of the accident will be made available when their inspection is complete.

The city manager ended his statement with, “We thrive under a culture of supporting one another, and should take this opportunity to show care for those around us.”

Story from FOX40

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